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Alzheimer’s Can Now Be Detected With Blood Test— Scientists Confirm


Scientists suggest that testing a certain type of protein in the blood can help identify if a person is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This protein is termed as neurofilament light. When there are damaged or dying cells in the body, the protein spills out into the cerebrospinal fluid. From there the protein gradually spreads into the blood.

Some long term investigations highlight that people who have more amount of neurofilament protein in the blood also have Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is known to cause damage to brain cells and tissues.

The recent study on the link between the protein and Alzheimer’s has been published in the journal named JAMA Neurology. It states that if the levels of neurofilament present in blood are tested on regular basis, the status of Alzheimer’s in the respective human body can be determined. These findings are a follow up of another research. This stated that measuring neurofilament light in blood can identify the existence of the disease almost 10 years before it starts showing symptoms. The basic symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are reduction in the memory power and thinking ability.

The previous study on the link was limited only to early onset of Alzheimer’s, that is, before 65 years of age. Dr. Niklas Mattsson, who is a doctor at the Skane University Hospital and also researches at the Lund University of Sweden, is the main author of this research paper. He informed that blood tests for neurofilament light can help to identify the rate of damage made to the brain cells. This is possible for different kinds of Alzheimer’s disease.

As per the recent data, almost 60-80% of people suffering from dementia have Alzheimer’s disease. It is a complicated health issue and is difficult to be diagnosed. The earliest known symptom of the disease is short term loss of memory.

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