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Conspiracy Theory Of 1st Moon Landing Likely To Find More Believers As Years Pass


Just a small part of American population nearly 5 % still believes that the moon landings of Apollo spacecraft were faked and astronauts never landed on moon’s surface. According to NASA historian Roger Launius who was part of the organization between 1990 and 2002, the number of non-believers may expand more in forthcoming years. He also served as senior official at Smithsonian Institution’s Air and Space Museum for a short period before retirement in 2017. He stated that as memories of Apollo landings fade into memory it will be easier to embrace the idea that the entire event could have been faked.

The conspiracy theory that the Apollo landing could have been a hoax gathered steam after creation of internet that helped bring like-minded people together who had earlier tried to spread awareness by just printing out flyers and pamphlets and living in isolation. Social media and online forums helped them connect with each other and spread their ideas with the help of pictures and data that could be shared with experts. One of the strongest evidence in support of this theory is present in a long article by Phil Plait that was released in 2001.

The report states that no stars are seen in pictures of lunar surface that were supposedly taken by astronauts that landed on the moon from Apollo. Though astronauts claimed that cameras had fast exposure time and stars were too faint to be captured. Lanius stressed that Apollo claims were made due to cold war with Soviet Union in which United States wanted to be the winner. He insists that moon conspiracy still persists as poorly informed youngsters believe NASA’s website to be authoritative while some are peddling this theory for personal gain while some simply love a good conspiracy theory. He added that educators should take a serious view of this belief and try to clear all doubts.

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