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DoD IG Raises Concern Over Shanahan’s Meeting With Musk In Dec 2018


On Thursday, an IG report came which had results of investigations which lasted for six weeks regarding allegations which included the actions taken by Defense Shanahan’s Acting Secretary for promoting his old employer Boeing and for disparaging its competitors.

The part of the report which had details regarding concerns of Wilson towards meeting organized with Musk has information regarding discussions of Shanahan with Musk. This part also illustrates the bitterness between Shanahan and Wilson. These two had repeatedly clashed on the topics of military space reorganization.

The meeting of Wilson and Shanahan was scheduled in the last month of the year 2018.

The IG report revealed that in November of the year 2018, the staff of Shanahan was doing preparation of meeting to be held with Musk and it also sought suggestions from SOCO about the meeting. The acting director of SOCO responded to discussion through email explaining that there was no ethical objection towards the meeting until the discussions were not involved in any ongoing procurement.

The IG investigators were informed by Wilson that she suggested Shanahan that there is a need of recusing him from meeting as Boeing was done with SpaceX regarding the contracts of Air Force. In October, the award of LSA contracts was made by Air Force. The SpaceX had not won the contract awards; actually, it was won by the other three parties.

The report revealed that Shanahan had informed IG about not recalling Wilson.

When Wilson had a meeting with Musk, they had discussed the contracts of LSA which were not won by SpaceX, revealed by IG report.

One day after that day, Shanahan had a meeting with Musk which lasted for one hour. One member of staff of Shanahan summarized and attended the meeting in the memorandum. This discussion resulted into an increase in competition with China.

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