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Safety Panel Says Determining The Exact Cause Of Crew Dragon Incident


On April 25, 2019, the independent safety panel members said that they will take time in determining the whole activity that took place while testing of SpaceX, which was done a few days ago and its impact over the commercial program with crew remained unpredictable.

The chairman of the testing panel, Patricia Sanders said that the test took place on April 20 and was done for determining the performance of integrated systems of the system SuperDraco. The decision for this test was taken after the successful completion of 12 small Draco thrusters tests. It became an anomaly after the firing of SuperDracos which were eight in numbers.

After this incident, mishap plans were started to be carried out by SpaceX and NASA. She called the leading investigation done by SpaceX as effective NASA participation. The initial part of the investigation is focused on the creation of a timeline of the incident and on the collection of evidence from the site of the test.

She added that their investigation will be continued until the main cause of analysis gets completed and this investigation will be determining the Demo-2’s impact and abort test of in-flight. The crew test flight is called Demo-2, which has on board two astronauts of NASA which gets scheduled later in July.

The members of the panel offered details of the whole incident and informed about its effect on the total program of commercial crew.

One of the members of ASAP, Sandra Magnus said that they know that people have a huge interest in the SpaceX mishap which took place recently. Magnus said that they are patient at their work and are allowing the activities regarding the investigation.

After the six weeks of successful return of Demo-1 capsule from test flight which was uncrewed to NASA, these tests had taken place.

Magnus said that the flight test resulted positively and it cleared that before the flight, SpaceX had ample work to be done before moving ahead along with Demo-2.

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