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1st Alien World Of The Earth’s Size Discovered


NASA has amazing news for the Space lovers. The new satellite from the agency has found an Alien planet. This newly discovered planet is almost the same size of the earth. The satellite which made this amazing discovery is Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (in short TESS).

Besides this Alien world, TESS also discovered a sub Neptune world. This world is revolving around HD-21749. The sun Neptune lies almost 53 light years away from earth. This has been reported by a new report from the agency.

Johanna Teske, who is the co-author in the study, informed TESS is already playing a significant role in planet hunting. Johanna is a part of the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism (DTM), Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington DC. TESS flew above SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and started hunting for planets right from the Earth’s orbit. It is exploring the area located around some of the brightest stars. This spacecraft is targeting the Alien worlds which pop up as small flashes of light when these cross the respective host planets.

Before TESS, Kepler space telescope from NASA also followed the same approach to identify Alien worlds. Kepler is no more in use but it has done a great job in identifying 70% of 4000 exoplanets which have been discovered till now. NASA predicts that TESS will identify more such space bodies and will cross TESS.

The astronomers are hoping that TESS will be able to identify such Alien worlds which lie near to other NASA instruments, like James Webb Space Telescope. This will help them carry out an in-depth study. For this purpose NASA is installing James Webb in 2021. This space instrument will have the capability of inspecting the atmosphere of the Alien Worlds. For example, it will look for gases as these are symbols of life.

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