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Centre Core Of Falcon Heavy Falls Into Heavy Sea After Launch



There has been a lot of speculation about the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket and it was even successful on 11 April but the central city that had launched the satellite itself toppled over into the rough seas. However, SpaceX has assured that this won’t affect their upcoming launches in any way.

The report was made on 15th April by SpaceX which said that the booster core present in one of the three Falcon Heavy rocket failed to stay upright as the heavy seas prevented the crew member from fastening the booster to the drone-ship called Of Course I Love You.

There were rumors about this mishap by SpaceX and their spokesperson James Gleeson issued a statement confirming it saying that the recovery team of the company was unsuccessful in making the attachment and as the seas became violent with swells rising up to 8 to 10 feet, the booster finally gave in and could not stay upright anymore. This happened while it was preparing the return to Port Canaveral.

SpaceX already has a robotic system in place for the Falcon 9 called “Octograbber” which grasps and secured the spaceship. However, this doesn’t work for Falcon Heavy because the interface is completely different and the interface is incapable of grappling effectively. Thus, human assistance is required to do the job but because of the wrath of the seas, they decided not to risk the safety of any individual. There is no information provided yet whether the booster will be recovered from the sea eventually.

If the mishap hadn’t occurred, it would mark the perfect launch of the second heavy-lift rocket that took place from the Kennedy Space Center. The payload of Arabsat-6A communication satellite was successfully placed in the geostationary orbit. The two halves were which were part of the payload was recovered from the sea and will be reused in the future, according to the Chief Executive of SpaceX, Elon Musk.

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