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Kites and Drones Can Revolutionize Clean Energy Generation Schemes


The researchers are working towards making use of wind power to drive high altitude kites and drones. This new idea can totally revolutionize renewable energy generation techniques. The team from the University of Madrid used the huge giant aerofoil kites for kitesurfing with an on-board energy generation device that is a tiny wind turbine placed on the aircraft. The power generated is then transferred to the land via a cable tether, which also helps hold the kite in place

The latest low-cost materials and installations make it a better option compared to the expensive traditional wind-turbines. This airborne wind energy systems (AWES) operate at higher altitudes of up to 500 Meters where the wind is more and not irregular plus the visual impact is also lower. The researchers believe that the current technologies easy mobility makes it suitable for the remote or inaccessible regions for producing more energy. This can become a temporary option for the power generation in the far off areas or disaster zones. Along with the on-board generators, the researchers are also planning on using a system designed to make use of the movements of the tether to generate energy on the ground. The basic plan is to produce more clean energy.

The higher altitude of the airborne energy systems helps deploy more of intense wind for energy generation. This compact and easy transportable technology is feasible for places where fuel transportation gets difficult and also in certain catastrophic event facing places. According to Aerospace Engineer Ricardo Borobia Moreno from the Spanish National Institute of Aerospace Technology, the present experiment is to simulate the high altitude flight, safety, reliability, and energy generation. The Purdue University professors for self-powering devices including defense innovations and consumer electronics has made use of wearable technology to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. The professors have developed a liquid-metal-inclusion related triboelectric nanogenerator named LMI-TENG.

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