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15 Retailers On Notice By FDA For Allegedly Selling Tobacco To Minors


FDA has identified 15 retailers who are accused of selling tobacco to minors. The agency has also requested for further details from 40 e- cigarette selling companies; FDA suspects that these companies have brought some illegal products in the market. These companies are accused of not taking FDA’s permission before introducing the products.

The 15 retailers who are suspected of selling tobacco to minors fall under the corporate owned and franchise retailers. They have been selling tobacco products to minors more than 15% of the times since FDA started its investigation in 2010. These retailers are, Walgreens, Kroger, Family Dollar, Walmart, 7-Eleven, Citgo and BP. The Food & Drug Administration commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, informed that his team is planning to ask these retailers what policies they have in place to prevent tobacco selling to minors. Walgreens have already received a letter from FDA regarding this; the management team from the company is supposed to have a meeting with the agency very soon. As per the report, Walgreens ranks top in selling tobacco products to minors; 22% of the shops under Walgreens have been caught violating the rule.

When Walgreens was asked for comment, the company welcomed this approach. It informed there is a zero tolerance policy for employees who are caught making this kind of sales. The company representative also informed that they are promoting cease of tobacco products in their stores.

Gottlieb also informed in the Press Release that the retailers have a big role to play when it comes to prevention of tobacco consumption. For this reason, the retail giants like Walgreens should take this up very seriously. He also went ahead to say, the retail chains should not just follow the rules for the sake of it but should also keep the importance of public health in mind.

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