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“Self-Aware” Robot Created By Scientists That Functions On Its Own



A pinnacle has been attained in robotics inventions by Columbia University Engineers, creating a mechanical arm capable of programming itself—even if malfunctioned. Head of the Creative Machines lab, Prof. Hod Lipson, compared the robotic arm to how a “baby” acclimatizes to their surroundings and learns on its own.

The team stated this is the foremost instance a robot has demonstrated the capability of “picturing itself” and accomplish its function, deciphering how to function without the built-in procedure. The mechanical arm was developed with no understanding of geometry, dynamics, or physics. After spending about 35 H stirring randomly, the mechanism was capable to take hold of intensive computing knowledge and work out its abilities. Soon after the mechanical arm was capable of making its own biomechanics, enabled it to skillfully lift up and drop items.

Also, the robot carried out other undertakings such as writing utilizing a marker. A 3D-deformed part was been printed by the team to imitate a damaged component, to make out if the robot was capable of perceiving the fault and get accustomed to its mechanics. And the robotic arm was capable of identifying the malfunction and re-tutored its system to carry on performing undertakings regardless of the damaged part.

Likewise, as we know, robots generally require to be programmed to get them to execute a specific assignment, but they can be cajoled into writing the commands themselves with the assistance of machine learning, as per a new study. Engineers at a California-based robotics startup, Vicarious AI, have developed what they refer a “visual cognitive computer,” a software platform linked to a robot gripper and camera system. Provided with a set of visual hints, the VCC writes a small program of commands to be pursued by the robot so it understands how to stir its gripper to do easy assignments.

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