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Study Shows Most People Are Not Capable Of Breathing Due To Co-Contraction


Muscle co-reduction is a method employed commonly in elderly population to elevate their stability. Co-reduction comprises the simultaneous contraction of muscle pairs to lock a joint and offer stability from opposing groups.

On the other hand, co-contraction can also result in stiffness, which in turn lowers stability, which is why some authors have recommended the opposite approach by highlighting to relaxation as a method to enhance stability. On the other hand, many studies do not verify whether relaxation or tension is the more effective plan.

In return, in our community, relaxation is a misleading notion because it aims to be puzzled with rest when it is in fact a mechanism that lowers expenditure of energy and elevates stability at the time of stress. The inability to relax might be associated to suboptimal neuro-motor management that can result in elevated tension.

A study conducted out by Miguel Ángel González Ballester, Simone Tassani, and Jérôme Noailly at UPF displayed that muscle tension considerably lowers stability of subjects.

On a related note, repairing heart muscle hurt due to cardiovascular diseases or heart attack is one of the “holy grails” for cardiovascular researchers. The capability of repairing heart muscle (particularly by employing an individual’s own cells) will be a noteworthy advance that might improve quality of life for the countless people who have a chronic heart condition or suffer from a heart attack.

Scientists believe that hiPSC (human-induced pluripotent stem cells) are the solution to unlocking this regenerative capability. By taking a small amount of blood, researchers can reproduce a person’s specific stem cells and then change them into any type of cell in the body—comprising cardiomyocytes, the cells from which the heart muscle is made. The study, on the other hand, is in its premature stage and the method is not yet ready to be used for human disease regenerative reasons.

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