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Google To Delete Google+ Photos, Comments, Pages, And More


In 2018, Google revealed that it would close Google+, its stressed social network, for users. The reason behind the same was the “near to the ground usage.” Another important reason was “challenges to maintain a successful product, which meets customers’ expectations. Recently, in its support page as well as a blog post, the firm laid out exactly how the closure will be carried out.

Starting in February 2019, users won’t be able to generate new Google+ pages, profiles, events, or communities. And from April 2, 2019, all Google+ pages and accounts are supposed to be deleted. It includes videos, photos, and all other content uploaded or contributed by Google+ users. However, this is not supposed to happen right away. The firm expects the process to take months. At the same time, it is instructing people to back up any media they would want to save. To back up their data, users can follow the step-by-step instructions on the self-service portal from Google+.

On a similar note, Google came into the news as it distributed a private app that scrutinized how people use their iPhones. This scenario was in a much similar way that Facebook did and got in difficulty for. Google’s app rewards individuals with gift cards for allowing Google to gather information on their Internet usage. Reportedly, this app has since been stopped.

The app relied on enterprise program from Apple. This program permits for the distribution of in-house apps within the firm. That could be trouble: Apple stated that these apps should be used only by a firm’s employees. It added that the companies that breach the policy might be banned, having all their interior apps stopped. That’s exactly what Facebook faced today. Google’s app, named Screenwise Meter, is a portion of a program that has been present since 2012. At first, it began tracking household web access via a special Google-provided tracking router and a Chrome extension.

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