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Voice Assistant Support Comes To Google.Com On Android


Google has been making efforts to offer a hands-free experience on its platform by incorporating its AI-supported virtual assistant with them. Now, the firm has also brought its Google Assistant voice backing on Android to Google.com. The improvement was initially speckled by 9to5mac. This will now enable users to tap on the Google.com search field’s microphone to kick off voice searches. Earlier, the users were enabled to make a voice search on their devices with the Android keyboard microphone.

Now the microphone icon is grey and generic rather than the one seen on the desktop web that has the emblematic 4 Google Assistant colors. And the “search” functions similarly as it performs on any other platform. After tapping on the microphone, one can perform a voice search on their device; they are addressed with a full-display interface with “Speak now” trailed by “Listening…” when audio is sensed with a live record on the screen.

Prior to asking for an inquiry, Google will request for particular consents to input queries. After one input their search query, it is then processed the way it generally is on other services. If one solicits direct queries, such as “What is the temperature,” it’ll present you with focused replies. If one asks generic queries such as, “Google Pixel 3”, it will come up with the results from a number of resources. Also, users can leave the page by clicking the “x” positioned on the top right spot of the full-page white screen.

Likewise, Google, at the recently conducted CES 2019, launched new features for its Google Assistant. This comprises incorporation with Google Maps, Flight check-in, Interpreter Mode, and Google Assistant Connect platform. Now the device makers, with this new platform, can incorporate the Assistant into their solutions. The platform utilizes a prevailing smart home platform of Google to extend to new device types.

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