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New York State Is Probing Apple’s Reaction To The FaceTime Error


Letitia James, state Attorney General (AG) of New York, has issued an investigation into the situations of Apple’s latest FaceTime error. The flaw, which let users to watch and listen via a phone’s camera prior to a call was received, became public this week. And Apple has since banned the relevant functionality. The AG’s office will be aiming on Apple’s slow reaction to the flaw, which was reported to the firm over a week prior to it became public.

“This FaceTime violation is a grave threat to the privacy and security of the millions of people in New York who have placed their trust in Apple and its devices over the years,” James claimed to the media in an interview. “People in New York should not have to select between their privacy rights and their private communications.”

The decision follows just days after Andrew Cuomo (New York Gov.) launched a consumer warning related to the bug, alerting citizens to turn off FaceTime till a fix can be deployed.

On a related note, Apple earlier claimed that it is finally launching out a solution to the “skin smoothening feature” that various consumers complained of when they snapped self-portrait pics from iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS.

As per a report by The Verge, Apple has verified the error and is claimed to roll out a solution shortly. As per the report, Apple claimed that iOS 12.1 will have a solution to the error in its camera system for smart HDR that lead to smoother-looking pics taken using the front camera on the iPhone XR and iPhone XS. Since all 3 models of 2018 iPhones namely XS Max, XS, and XR come with the latest Smart HDR function, the algorithm improvements will be launched to all the 3.

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