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Ford Is Allowing Some Designers Develop Cars In Virtual Reality


Ford is seeking into the likelihood of designing vehicles in VR. The auto manufacturer has began trialing with Gravity Sketch, the equipment that permits its designers to draw 3D cars in virtual reality, thereby making it time saving process. Vehicle developers begin with 2D sketches, which are rendered and scanned in 3D by tool to decide if they are feasible. Employing Gravity Sketch will offer them the capability of skipping that first step entirely and diving directly into 3D. All they need to do is employ a controller and use a VR headset. That will actually save time off the design stage, which used to take weeks.

Employing a 3D drawing software, designers will be capable of working from any angle, since they can revolve the model for the best appearance. They can even step within the 3D model and change items once they see the passenger’s or driver’s POV.

Speaking of Ford, the firm aims to cut $14 Billion in prices over the period of upcoming 5 Years, Jim Hackett, Chief Executive Officer, claimed to the sponsors. He also told that the 2nd largest automaker in the U.S. might shift capital spending away from internal combustion engines and sedans to design more hybrid and electric cars as well as trucks.

Many of those savings will not display up on bottom line of Ford until 2020 and 2019, other Ford executives along with Hackett claimed, mirroring the extended product engineering lead times of the industry. Ford would be open to additional joint ventures to increase the risks and costs of concurrently developing new services and technology while mixing out profit from trading sport utility vehicles and trucks in North America, Hackett claimed to the media at the time of an almost 2-hour meeting.

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