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Facebook’s Plan To Merge Messaging Services May Be Banned In The EU


Facebook’s plans to incorporate the messaging functions of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger can be debarred in the EU (European Union) by the region’s privacy regulations. In a statement, the Irish DPC (Data Protection Commission) stated that “eventually the recommended integration can only happen in the EU if it is competent of meeting all of the duties of the GDPR.” The Irish commission monitors Facebook at the EU level, as the technology giant’s European main offices are in Dublin. In the statement, the commission said that it had inquired Facebook Ireland for an “immediate briefing” on the offers to combine the three services.

Reportedly, Europe’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation defends individuals’ private data from being saved or shared without permission. The organizations could face fines of up to $22.87 Million (20 Million euros) or 4% of their yearly global turnover for violating the rules. In last week, The New York Times stated that Facebook was intending to merge its messaging services, asserting that CEO Mark Zuckerberg was personally after this move. Each service will remain as a separate app, but messages can be sent between the three, bringing together over 2.6 Billion users, as per to The Times.

Recently, Instagram was in news as analysts believe the photo and video-sharing network is set to become a $14 Billion business for Facebook in this year. Instagram would most possibly generate $14 Billion in revenue in 2019 and become an ever more important driver for Facebook’s expansion, as the platform’s main business is anticipated to slow, Jefferies analysts stated. The analysis emphasized the increasing importance of Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp for the social network. A team of analysts headed by Brent Thill reported, “We think that Instagram is a material carrier for growth in 2019 and can expand 60% with supporting Facebook, which can slow down below 20%.”

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