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3 Companies Bag NASA Contract For Landing Payloads To Moon By 2021


NASA has given contracts to Intuitive Machines, Astrobotic and OrbitBeyondfor the task of delivering NASA payloads to surface of moon by 2021 and has awarded $250 million as contract to these three companies.

According to NASA the launch is scheduled between September of 2020and Julyof 2021and will contain three lunar lander missions which will be carrying 23 payloads to lunar surface. There were nine companies which were awarded the CLPS (Commercial Lunar Payload Services) award and out of them these three were selected.

OrbitBeyond will be the first among the three to fly and is preparing to launch theirlanderZ-01 on Space X Falcon9 in the month of September 2020. It is a company based in New Jersey. Their lander will be carrying four payloads which are scheduled to meet Mare Imbrium and have received $97 million from NASA.

Astrobotic is having plans to make their launch of Peregrine lander by the month of June 2021. They had already announced their plans of flying the payload like secondary payload using the Atlas 5United Launch Alliance. However Astrobotic’s chief executive, John Thornton, has said that they are analyzing their options for launch and a decision on the same would be made in short while. 14 payloads will be carried by company to the crater called Lacus Mortis and has been given $79.5 million for the same.

Intuitive Machines are having plans to launch their lander of Nova- C on Falcon9 by July 2021 and will be landing on moon after six and half days. It is a company based in Houston. They will be carrying four numbers of payloads on the lander which would be landing on the Mare Serenitatis or Oceanus Procellarum.

The deputy associate administrator for exploration in NASA’s science mission directorate, Steve Clarke, said that three companies came up with incredible technical plans. They even identified the risks and their executives expressed their confidence in making the landers ready for mission as announced by them.

NASA has not disclosed which payloads will be used for mission. The moon’s South Pole has been selected for the first landing.

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