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Reducing Your Teen’s Exposure At Night Can Led To Restful Sleep


Addiction to cell phone is not a new thing. In the recent times, majority of the teens practice excessive use of cell phones and thus, suffer from various side effects. One of the prominent side effects is the disruption of our circadian rhythm – a rhythm that maintains the balance between one’s nutrition, activity and sleep patterns. There is growing concern amongst the parents as their teenagers are suffering from disruptive sleep patterns.

Light is the main trigger that switches our circadian rhythm on and off. A recent study suggested that not only the light from the screens of computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets alter our circadian rhythm, but the blue glow hue also affects it badly.

A new research was put up by the scientists of Netherlands in the annual meeting of the European Society of Endocrinology – Lyon, France. The findings are not yet published, but it points out to the fact that sleeping patterns can be improved by not using mobiles or other light emitting devices 2 hours before sleep. Using glasses to block the blue hue can be also of great help.

Dr. Fisher, vice chair (Pediatrics) at Saint John’s Health center located in Santa Monica, California promotes the concept of ‘Sleep Hygiene’ amongst the troubled parents of teens with disruptive sleep patterns. She tells the families about the importance of sleep in the adolescent teens and the consequences and cures for the disruptive sleep patterns.

Lack of good quality and quantity of sleep not only makes teens tired and moody but increases their chances of having diabetes, obesity and heart related problems in future. Stenvers and his fellow researchers state that there are simple measures that can be used to deal with this problem which can help in reducing the risk of other diseases in near future.

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