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Food Delivery App, Deliveroo Finds Big-Time Investor In Amazon


Amazon now contributes a majority to a staggering 575 million dollars of funding that Deliveroo sits upon. Deliveroo is more than pleased to receive the investment and will be looking for offshore expansion and quality of service among other developments.

Since it was founded, the company is more than $1.5 billion in valuation. The company is recognized as one of the fast growing companies in Europe. Will Shu sees Amazon as a customer-centric company says that he expects his company to learn a lot from them. Amazon’s spokesperson said that the thing they find attractive about Deliveroo is their advanced technology that they use to provide their service. The spokesperson emphasized on the predictive nature of the Deliveroo’s technology which, in their belief, is what makes the company more promising

This backing is sure to give Deliveroo an upper hand against its competition, primarily Uber Eats. Amazon faced defeat in starting a food business in UK, but now the interest has resurfaced. The machine learning assisted delivery and the development of “super kitchen” is next in line for Deliveroo.

Liberum analysts have projected the dominance of Just Eat over the market owing to their overt presence in smaller cities. Deliveroo started out of need for providing quality and variety of food in an efficient manner. Today, Mr. Shu seldom takes his motorcycle for delivery just like the old time. Deliveroo, since 2013, has expended to Australia, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, and several other countries.

The company serves a massive number of hungry foodies, numbering to more than 60,000 couriers. The hardworking Deliveroo executives may have brought a positive image about the company but it does not come without its horrors.

In 2018, 50 of their deliverymen had accused the company for denying them the holidays, as well as a minimum wage. They won a huge remittance for the unlawful practices of the company.

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