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Transgender Man Delivers Stillborn Baby—Report


A tragic case was recorded this week in the New England Journal of Medicine about a transgender man complaining of stomach ache and nursing staff refusing to consider it an emergency due to obesity which in reality was due the fact that he was in labor and ended up giving birth to a stillborn. This situation brings to current social norm of assigning labels to gender differences in all walks of life be it sports or entertainment. In medicine too health personnel are increasingly missing out on treatment of race specific health issues like cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia.

According to Dr Daphna Stroumsa of Michigan University, this is an example of medical emergencies that can happen to transgender people within current health care system as he was classified as a man and appeared masculine so they were not able to gauge his real medical needs. Several times it so happens that individuals born as females identify themselves as men and go through life behaving as such without use of hormones or making surgical alterations like womb removal. The patient who gave birth to a stillborn was a 30 plus transgender whose medical record categorized him as a man.

The man had been consuming a hormone called testosterone for decreasing ovulation for several years and hadn’t had periods for several days but quit taking it along with hypertension medication when his insurance expired. When a pregnancy test kit tried out at home showed positive results he rushed to the hospital and though medical personnel carried out pregnancy test on him they considered his condition stable.

Later when he was examined by a doctor as his pregnancy test was positive the ultrasound showed fetal activity. Detailed examination revealed slippage of umbilical into the birth canal forcing doctors to prepare for a cesarean delivery. However they did not hear any fetal heartbeat on reaching the operation theater and within moments the patient delivered the stillborn. Calling it tragic many doctors called for better medical training with special focus on people of unspecified gender or transgender origin.

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