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Snakebites: Unknown And Increasing Global Health Crisis


According to Dr. Williams an international researcher on snakebites attached to WHO whose main task is to collect snake venom from across the world to make antidotes, most victims of snakebites are not lucky enough to receive the right treatment on time as most of them are fatal. As per latest figures of World Health Organization snakebites are the biggest health crisis right now with one death every four minutes and several others left with serious disfigurements and amputations due to venom related nerve damage.

Snakebites affect people living in some of the remotest regions of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Usually it is farmers that risk lives while tending to their farms as snakes lurk in thick vegetation and so do children that venture into grasslands while playing. To manage this humanitarian crisis that is looming over the world WHO has tied up with UK-based Wellcome Trust for providing timely effective antidotes.

The Trust is investing £ 80 million into a new program that will carry out research to make new treatments and anti-venoms for tackling snakebites and making these treatments accessible in remote areas of the world. The WHO is laying out plans to halve the current number of fatalities caused by snakebites by 2030. Dr. Williams assured that the WHO is at a very important phase to find a solution for this crisis amongst worst sufferers in the world. Most of these people in the vulnerable group are from poverty struck backgrounds and this health crisis is driving them deeper into debt and despair.

According to Prof Mike Turner, Director of Science at Wellcome Trust, access to right anti-venom improves chances of survival and there is no need for so many people to die due to lack of medical care. Dr. Philip Price, lead for snakebites at the Wellcome Trust says that though there has been a decline in fatalities, treatments are expensive and snakebite victims often succumb due to lack of timely care or lack of untrained healthcare providers.

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